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A free and highly sophisticated unzipper with no catch

At the time of its creation, Awe Zip was the best unzipper that had even been created for the Windows operating system and it is completely free without any catches, bloatware or unneeded installation problems.

Unzip RAR files with ease

Awe Zip allows you to unzip a whole bunch of different file types, but the most difficult for Windows users to unzip are RAR files because Windows operating systems do not have a RAR unzipper pre-installed, and most downloadable RAR unzippers are loaded with problems. Most downloadable or online unzippers will take too long to work, they will include bloatware, they will alter your registration information, try to change your system settings, they will add unwanted bloatware, they demand you sign up for something, and they add unwanted installation features such as additions to your right-click menus. Awe Zip does none of that, Awe Zip simply unzips your files and it does it for free.

A faultless design for perfect unzipping program

Awe Zip makes unzipping as simple as possible. You choose the folder you wish to zip or unzip, you include the password if you wish, and you include a name if needed. You then click the “Archive” button to created a zipped file, or the extract button to unzip a file. The biggest problem with the software is that you cannot unzip files in batches, but the system is so quick that unzipping lots of files in a short time is not a problem.


  • A very quick and efficient piece of software
  • Does not add bloatware or change your system settings
  • No adverts, fees, in-app payments or information gathering
  • Works far better than all the competitors of its day


  • Cannot batch unzip
  • Could use more features
  • Could use a default extracting location
  • Maybe more archiving options would be nice


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Awe Zip


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